Engineering Goods & Services

  • Jabroke Engineering provides a specialised service to our many customers, supplying a diverse range of engineering inputs over many sectors from spare parts to culverts and surveying equipment.
  • Our sound procurement experience gives our customers the edge. We can consolidate and rationalise orders to save both freight and import charges.

Anglomak® Bitumen Modifiers

Used extensively in Saudi Arabia and being introduced to other Middle East and African markets, Anglomak Bitumen modifiers produce a stable and homogenous polymer modified bitumen.

Products include:

  • Anglomak® Hg
  • Anglomak® Hp
  • Anglomak® 2144

Bitumen Industry Plant & Lab Equipment

  • Polymer Modified Bitumen systems supplied ready on a skid for speedy commissioning
  • High shear mixers and PMB associated equipment
  • Bitumen laboratory equipment for testing to MOT required standards


  • For over 17 years Jabroke Engineering has specialised in telecommunications carrying out projects in satellite, VSAT networks, WLL, supply and installation of telecommunication towers, mobile backhaul, UPS’ and renewable energy. We have worked with many first class telecommunication companies.
  • We are ready to provide turnkey solutions and supply equipment. Using VSAT technology, for example, we can get a site up and running speedily for remote locations.


From road building to railways and construction of telecom towers and shelters, our experience has included:

  • Telecom towers and shelters
  • Water reservoirs
  • Railway earthworks
  • Town roads & drains
  • Provincial Airport– runway & service roads
  • Supply of aggregates

Power sources including renewable & hybrid

  • We have supplied many generating sets often as part of telecom remote site projects
  • Renewable and hybrid power sources are now serious alternatives to using generating sets to power remote sites whether for telecoms, mobile cellular base stations, pipeline or CP monitoring systems.